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Excelsis :

Gegründet im Jahre 1996 stehen Excelsis für Helvetic Folk Metal vom feinsten. Schon damals wurden Flöte und Dudelsack eingesetzt, als die ganze Paganmetal Szene noch in den Kinderschuhe weilte!
Gewinner des Rockhard Band-Wettbewerb auf der Iron Savior „Atlantis Falling“ Tour 1998, was der Band ein Platz auf der Iron Savior CD „Unification“ sicherte und den Namen „Swiss Dragonslayers“ einbrachte.
Über 4‘000 verkaufte exemplare der CD „Kurt of Koppigen“ allein nur in DE
Konzerte im In- und Ausland wo unter anderem an Festivals eingeheizt werden konnte wie Metalcamp (SI), End of Dayz Festival (CH), Knight of the Cross Festival (IT)!
Die Drachentöter supporteten Bands wie Eluveitie, In Extremo, Haggard, Korpiklaani, Finntroll und viele, viele mehr!
Jetzt, Jahre und sechs Alben später, wo alle bis auf das Debut Album ausschliesslich über Schweizer Geschichte handeln, steht das siebte am Start. Zu Dudelsack und Flöten kommen bei diesem Album noch Geige, Shargia, Akkordeon, Mundharmonika (eingespielt vom ex Vizeweltmeister Marco Bandera), sowie traditionelle Instrument wie das „Talerschwinge“ und „Bäsechlopfe“ hinzu. Donnernde Schlagzeugsalven, schneidende Gitarrenriffs, fesselnde Keyboard klänge und der hemmungslose Gesang, der viele Textpassagen in und Schweizerdeutsch singt und schreit, katapultiert euch in andere Sphären
Gemischt und gemastert wurde das Album „vo Chrieger u Drache“ vom Christoph Brandes, Iguana Studio (Necrophagist, Finsterforst, Unlight, etc.) Deutschland
2013 Das Album vo Chrieger u Drache zieht in die SCHWEIZER HITPARADE auf Platz 88 ein !

Thola :

tHOLA is a Swiss Melodic Speed/Power Metal band. The band was formed late 2016, initiated by the main Songwriter, Rolf ‘Rodo’ Studer.
Rodo’s vision was to create fast and powerful metal, interjected with technical and progressive elements. With Rodo’s reputation for being an outstanding musician and an ‘out-of-the-box’ songwriter, it did not take much convincing for drummer Sven Imsand, Bassist Thommy Ambiel and vocalist, Fredy Salzmann to join the new band.
Two songs, Screaming World and Digital Time, were written and recorded within weeks. Already during this process, it became very clear, that in order to make tHOLA’s music as powerful and heavy as we had set as our goal, we needed a second Guitarist. There was really only one name that came to mind, a guitarist, even though he hadn’t played live in quite some time, who had exactly what we needed, what we wanted, what we were looking for, Patrick Ambord. Patrick, with his very unique style, with his technique and his enthusiasm, was in the band before we had the chance to finish our proposal; a big fat YES, Let’s do it!
Since then, the band was on tour in Eastern Europe, visiting Countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Croatia, together with two Swedish Metal bands;
and supported the American band OTEP through Germany, Austria, Italy, France, the UK and Belgium and played several shows in Switzerland.
In May, 2019, the band parted ways with their Singer, Fredy. It was a mutual decision, the main reason being that the band wanted to invest more time, sweat and blood in our music.
We were worried. How and where the hell would we find, not just a replacement, but someone who would front tHOLA, the way we’ve always envisioned with a voice, that matches our unique sound. We flooded the web, filling out countless forms on music boards and not sleeping at all for a couple of days. Turns out, none of this was necessary, all it took, was one phone call; a phone call, to the one person, we were looking for, Mr. Thomi Rauch. Thomi was and is, exactly what we were dreaming of, what we wanted. Thomi’s voice blew our minds right away and even though, most of our ‘looking for singer’ ads haven’t even been activated, we stopped it all, because, we had our man.


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